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Fear not, for I am well. [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:05 am]
[mood |zombified]

got kidnapped by some vampyres. left my car in the parking deck. But I am home.

Homeless Tony prayed for me, and it only cost me five bucks.

and a prayer in return.

Michelle, I am sorry. Maybe now we are even? No, this is not revenge. There is no way that I could have foreseen this.

Only I did. I did foresee it. in my dreams. This is how I know that I followed the right path. I only hope that you find God in absence of my presence today.

Fear not. I am uninjured, untraumatized, unscathed.

Now I must Torpor.

[User Picture]From: kage_no_ai
2005-01-03 05:04 pm (UTC)
Glad you're well, and it sounds like you had an interesting night.

The irony is that I have a migraine today and I was worried about letting you down.

They say everything happens for a reason. It seems like each of us might have something else we must do today.

I'll catch you on the flipside.
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